Try this tool to boost your productivity on Android platform - Voice2Do - an application that allows you to record voice memos.

In today's mobile world, saving notes in the car or on the street is inconvenient and impractical. If you have a smartphone, you can try to turn it into voice recorder using many available recording applications. But is your recording application smart and simple enough to use it on a daily basis? Our is.

WE DO SUPPORT BLUETOOTH HEADSETS!!! And honestly we don't know any other recording application that supports headsets for recording and playback on Android platforms from version 1.6 upwords, as our app does.

It also has nice big buttons ;) and lots of other, simple to use features.

Please BUY PROFESSIONAL LICENSE to enjoy the possibility of sending voice memos through e-mail, editing custom tags, setting voice quality and many other interesting features that enhance the experience.



Use this app to have all your notifications and messages read by a synthetic voice through a headset or speakerphone. You can easily customize what is spoken and when. You can make your phone read incoming text messages or inform you about incoming or outgoing call when you are driving or riding a bike. You can even answer a call with a voice command.

The app is compatible with built-in text-to-speech engine and other speech engines currently available for Android platform. Voice recognition feature uses Google recognition services and requires a data connection.

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